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We are reviewing cohort 2 Teacher Candidate applications. Applicants and districts can expect to receive decisions by May 17.


Who We Are

Talent Together is an innovative partnership led by 56 Michigan Intermediate School Districts, supported by the Michigan Educator Workforce Initiative in collaboration with 18 Colleges and Universities.

Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) and Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs) serve children all across Michigan. By coordinating efforts and resources, ISDs provide specialized services to students that would not be affordable/feasible otherwise. These services can include special education, vocational training, interdisciplinary subjects, language programs, early childhood education, parent services, community involvement, transportation, extracurricular activities, lifelong learning and adult education, and other necessary and exciting benefits are shared across districts for the success of every learner.

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A Statewide Initiative

The Michigan Educator Workforce (MEWI) is a statewide non-profit dedicated to eliminating the educator shortage in Michigan. By creating new teacher programs, supporting the development of veteran teachers, and investing in growth opportunities for school and systems leaders, MEWI is working to ensure every Michigan public school student is surrounded by excellent educators.

Our Higher Education Partners