Eligibility, Application Process, and Cost

Who is eligible to apply for Talent Together?

In partnership with several Michigan Department of
Education (MDE) approved Educator Preparation Programs

(EPPs), Talent Together offers different pathways to degree

and teacher certification for the following aspiring teacher


  • Candidates with no college credits who are interested in
    seeking both a degree and teacher certification.
  • Candidates who have some credits toward a degree or an
    earned associate degree and are interested in completing

    their bachelor’s degree and seeking initial teacher

  • Candidates who have a bachelor’s degree and are
    interested in seeking initial teacher certification.

Which districts and schools are included in the Talent Together consortium?

Talent Together is a consortium of 48 Intermediate School
Districts (ISDs) and Regional Education Service Agencies

(RESAs) serving over 1.1 million Michigan students. All school

districts and charter schools served by Talent Together ISDs

and RESAs can participate in Talent Together. Visit

to see if there is a partner
district near you.

Please see our “About” page for more information.

Are non-school employees eligible to apply?

Yes, non-school employees are eligible to apply, though the
consortium will prioritize applications from candidates who

are currently employed by Talent Together districts

and schools including Great Start Readiness Programs (GSRP) at community-based organizations within a participating Intermediate School District.

What is the cost to participants?

There will be no cost to apply or enroll in the program. All
costs associated with the program including tuition, fees and

materials will be covered for accepted candidates.

I am currently enrolled in another degree and/or teacher certification program. Am I able to transfer to a Talent Together program?

Transfer candidates will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis
and may be eligible for one of Talent Together’s degree

and/or certification programs. If you are interested in being

considered for transfer from another program, please email

before applying.

Coursework and Mentorship

Who are Talent Together's Educator Preparation Program partners?

Talent Together is currently partnered with 9 colleges and
universities located all across the state, including: Adrian
College, Alma College, Aquinas College, Central Michigan University, Davenport College, Lake Superior State University, Northern Michigan University, University of Michigan – Flint, and Western Michigan University. The consortium anticipates expanding college/university EPP partnerships in the future.

How will participants be trained, coached, and mentored?

Most Talent Together participants who are seeking initial certification will participate in a Registered Apprenticeship Program that uses a “learn and earn” model of preparation. Though course requirements will be based on the number of credits a participant has towards a bachelor’s degree and will vary by college/university Educator Preparation Program, all candidates will have opportunities to earn credit for prior learning experiences and will earn credit for their work in school-based roles. During the final year of training, participants will become “Apprentice Teachers” and co-teach with experienced mentor teachers to demonstrate program standards before becoming fully certified. 

Non-certified candidates already working in teaching positions on permits (as long-term substitutes or teachers of record) will participate in differentiated training experiences that may allow them to remain in the substitute or teacher of record role while teaching. 

Talent Together participants will receive extensive support from consortium-based staff and Talent Together teacher leaders including job-embedded coaching. As participants demonstrate proficiency in program competencies, they will have opportunities for advancement, including financial incentives. 

What additional support will Talent Together provide to participants?

In addition to the job-embedded support outlined above, Talent Together participants will receive extensive, wrap- around support to ensure success in the program. Participants will co-create Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) study plans that include enrollment in an MTTC prep course. Participants will be placed in cohorts to ensure they can develop meaningful and supportive relationships that increase individual engagement and success.

What if my ISD/RESA is not represented in Talent Together, what are my options?

You may reach out to your local school administration to explore the possibility of your local ISD/RESA joining Talent Together. If you have further questions, please reach out to .

Application and Selection Process

When does Talent Together's application open?

Talent Together applications for Spring 2024 will open this winter. In the meantime, interested candidates may fill out an interest form here.

How are participants selected into the program?

Candidates will begin the selection process by submitting the pre-application, including submission of a recommendation form from a Talent Together school or district administrator (for current school district employees). Talent Together staff will screen applications to ensure candidates meet the minimum requirements for at least one of the consortium’s partner college/university programs. From there, candidates will participate in an interview with consortium and Intermediate School District staff. Once accepted into Talent Together, Success Navigators will support candidates through the application process to identify the college/university program that best meets their needs.

What are the eligibility requirements for Talent Together?

Eligibility requirements vary by pathway and Educator
Preparation Program. At a minimum, a candidate must have

a high school diploma to be eligible for participation in a

Talent Together program. Educator Preparation Programs

typically have minimum grade point average requirements

for admission into their programs. During the Talent

Together application process, Success Navigators will also

work with ineligible candidates to create a support plan that

addresses gaps in eligibility (e.g., missing coursework).

If I am currently employed by a Talent Together school district, am I guaranteed admission into the program?

Talent Together’s goal is to support current employees to
find an appropriate, right-fit pathway into the teaching

profession. Consortium-based Success Navigators will

support candidates through the application process to help

candidates identify the pathway and programs that are the

right fit for each individual to increase the likelihood of

acceptance. Because eligibility requirements vary by

Educator Preparation Program provider, admission into a

Talent Together program is not guaranteed.


In what areas can participants earn certification?

The following endorsements can be pursued through one of
Talent Together’s participating Educator Preparation

Program partnerships:

  • Elementary Education including options to earn
    endorsements in:

                 -Early Childhood General Special Education (Birth to Kindergarten)
                 -Lower Elementary (Pre-Kindergarten to 3rd Grade)
                 -Upper Elementary (3rd-6th Grade)

  • English as a Second Language
  • Special Education (Kindergarten-12th grade) including
    endorsements in:

                   – Autism
                   – Cognitive Impairment
                   – Emotional Impairment
                   – Learning Disabilities

  • Secondary Certification Areas (7th-12th grades)

                   – Secondary Integrated Sciences
                   – Secondary Mathematics


Will I be required to leave my current school or district- based role to participate in Talent Together?

Talent Together participants are required to be working in school or district-based instructional roles or (for candidates seeking early childhood education certification) in community-based Great Start Readiness Programs (GSRP) within a participant Intermediate School District region for most of their programming. Applications will be accepted from people who are not currently employed in a school system.

Are Talent Together participants guaranteed a teaching job?

Talent Together participants who successfully complete all
coursework and other program requirements will be

guaranteed a teaching position. If a position is not available

in a participant’s host school or district, the participant will

be eligible for teaching positions at other Talent Together


Once hired as teachers, are participants required to remain at their Talent Together host school for a certain number of years?

Yes, Talent Together participants are required to commit to
teaching in their host school or district for at least 5 years.

Participants from under-represented groups will have
opportunities to be placed into cohorts that centralize their
identities and ensures they feel a deep sense of belonging
and inclusion in the teaching profession and their schools.

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