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We are reviewing cohort 2 Teacher Candidate applications. Applicants and districts can expect to receive decisions by May 17.

Beliefs & Commitments

Talent Together seeks to provide equitable access and opportunity to the teaching profession by eliminating barriers and providing multiple levels of support to ensure candidates can complete a high-quality teacher preparation program.

We acknowledge and respect participants’ diverse identities, cultures, and traditions and create environments where participants feel a sense of belonging so that, ultimately, children across Michigan learn from a more diverse and well-prepared teacher workforce.


We believe that systemic barriers have limited access to the teaching profession and negatively impacted student growth and learning.

We believe that human connection and belonging are critical. By placing students’ and participants’ whole selves – rather than just their academic selves – at the center of learning, we can revolutionize teacher preparation.

We believe that teaching and learning is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We must grow and evolve so we can respond to the needs of our varying communities, participants, and their students.


We commit to designing learning experiences that uncover participants’ and students’ talents and cultivate their most authentic selves.

We commit to creating flexible structures that address the differentiated needs of participants from rural, urban, and suburban communities across the state.