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We are reviewing cohort 2 Teacher Candidate applications. Applicants and districts can expect to receive decisions by May 17.

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Our Application is Currently Closed

Thank you for your interest in Talent Together! Our application window closed on Sunday, March 3. If you applied during this application window, please expect to hear back with our decision in mid May. 

If you did not already apply, but are interested in Talent Together, please complete our interest form so you are notified when our next application window opens. 

If you have any questions, please contact .

I am not currently a certified teacher and would like to become one.

I am currently a teacher and would like to add an additional endorsement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of education do I need to apply to Talent Together?

Anyone with a high school diploma (or more!) is welcome to apply to Talent Together.  No matter what level of education you enter with (high school diploma/GED, associates degree, bachelor’s, or master’s) we have flexible pathways that will meet your needs.


How do I know if my district participates in Talent Together?

All 56 county intermediate school districts are part of the Talent Together consortium, so candidates who live anywhere in Michigan are eligible to apply.


What if I do not currently work at a school?

That’s okay! While we give preference to applicants who currently work at a school, many of our applicants are career changers, parents, or community members who have an interest in teaching. Please apply even if you do not currently work in a school.


I am currently attending college. Can I transfer once I’m accepted to Talent Together?  Can I remain enrolled in my current program?

Each candidate’s situation is carefully reviewed once an application is submitted.  Since transfers are considered on a case-by-case basis, we encourage you to complete an application so we can learn more about your education background. Talent Together has a growing list of university partners, but an applicant’s current program may or may not meet Talent Together’s requirements. 

Why do you ask about criminal history?

Background checks are required by law for all educators in public schools across the state of Michigan. You can read here about certain offenses outlined by the Michigan Department of Education that impact a teaching credential.


Why do you collect demographic information on race, ethnicity, sexuality/gender identity, language, etc.?

Diversifying Michigan’s educator workforce is a critical part of our mission. For example, we know that just 10% of our state’s teachers are teachers of color while 36% of our students are of color. The research says that the more students see and interact with teachers who look like them and understand their lives and communities deeply, the greater student achievement is. By collecting this data, we can help track our goals surrounding educator diversity.

How important are recommendations? Are they required?

Recommendations are a very important piece of the application and a minimum of two are required for admission to Talent Together. 


Does my recommender need to be a school leader?

We do prefer recommendations from school  and district leaders since they can most directly speak to your ability to become a quality teacher. That being said, if you do not have any work experience in a school, a manager or colleague is also acceptable. We highly recommend having a conversation with your recommender before submitting. Feel free to direct them to our website if they’ve never heard of Talent Together before.


Will you share my selection decision with my recommenders?

No. We keep our decisions private to you. Your recommender will not be notified of our decision.


Is the recommendation survey confidential? Will I get a copy?

Yes, the recommendation survey is confidential.  Candidates do not receive copies of their recommendation survey.


My recommender did not receive an email. What should I do?

If your recommender did not receive an email, please do not submit another application. Instead, please email so that we can contact your recommender with the link to their recommendation form.

I don’t have a resume. Is this required?

Yes. A resume with your professional experience is required for admission to Talent Together. If you’ve never created one before, we recommend using a free tool like this one to get started.


How long should my resume be?

Please keep it brief and aim for 1-2 pages.

Why do you ask for a transcript?

We use your transcript to help build a program plan that makes sense for you should you be accepted to Talent Together.

Do I need to submit an “official” transcript, or is a copy okay? 

An unofficial copy of your transcript is fine, as long as it is current and accurate.

I have a low GPA. Will this prevent me from being accepted?

While we do check that you will qualify for admission into one of our partner post-secondary institutions, GPA is not a primary factor in our admissions decision to Talent Together . We collect your GPA information so that we can support you with finding the best match program, not to disqualify you if you have a low GPA. We encourage you to apply for Talent Together regardless of your GPA.

We understand that you may need to make a change to your application such as:

  • Including additional attachments
  • Adding or modifying recommenders
  • Making edits to general information (i.e. address or phone number)


If you need to update your application, please do not submit a second application. Instead, reach out to  and explain the update. If you want to include an attachment, you can provide that in the email and we will attach it to your application on your behalf.