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We are reviewing cohort 2 Teacher Candidate applications. Applicants and districts can expect to receive decisions by May 17.

Apply: Model Teachers

What is a model teacher?

Model teachers believe that adult learning must be rooted in what is happening in real classrooms and reflect real student and teacher needs. Model Teachers are skilled teachers and learners. They will host Teacher Candidates in their classrooms (referred to as Lab classrooms) to support Apprentices and Teachers of Record. Model teachers weave content knowledge, methods, and pedagogy. Model teachers learn and prepare their model lessons with support from Talent Together Educator Development Specialists. Instructional experiences will be shared with Teacher Candidates both in-person and virtually. 


How do I know if I'm a model teacher?

Most teachers wouldn’t name themselves as models, when in reality they are exceptional. You might be a good fit for this role if:

  • You have at least 3 years teaching experience,

  • You believe all students can learn,

  • You are interested in growing as someone who Plans and Facilitates Impactful Adult Learning and Development,

  • You prioritize continued learning,

  • You create welcoming and affirming environments,

  • You explore and challenge inequity.


How do I apply to become a model teacher?

We are currently searching for Model Teachers in Elementary certification areas. Please complete an application to become a Model Teacher. Qualified applicants will be contacted with next steps by the end of July.

Although current availability of Model Teacher opportunities is limited to elementary teachers, we look forward to expanding this program to include teachers from other content areas with critical shortages such as special education, science, and mathematics.