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We are reviewing cohort 2 Teacher Candidate applications. Applicants and districts can expect to receive decisions by May 17.

Become a certified teacher.

Talent Together helps Michiganders become certified teachers. Candidates receive their education for FREE while earning an income.

Who is eligible?

Any Michigan resident with (at minimum) a high school diploma and strong interest in becoming an educator

  • Paraeducators who have yet to complete their bachelor’s degree
  • Substitute teachers who have a bachelor’s degree and still need to earn certification.
  • Parents and community members interested in teaching as a career
  • Professionals who wish to change careers

How Talent Together Works

We offer flexible pathways that center each teacher candidate's needs.

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Individuals wishing to become Talent Together candidates can apply now. The application will be open until Sunday, March 3, 2024.

Program Plan

With personalized support from Talent Together staff, accepted applicants will enroll in a Talent Together degree or certification program through a partnering college or university.

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Candidates will complete required coursework while working full time - and earning a wage - in a school in their communities.

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While finishing certification courses, candidates become an apprentice teacher for one year, working in a classroom along side an experienced mentor teacher.

Program Benefits

Free Degree & Certification

Our program staff will match you with an accredited and approved Michigan educator preparation program. We pay full tuition and fees.

Earn an income

Earn and income and full benefits while working in a Talent Together district and taking coursework.

Training & Mentorship

Talent Together makes sure you're prepared to enter the classroom by providing rigorous on-the-job training and mentorship from experienced teachers.

Flexibility & Support

Our program staff will support you at each stage of your journey to earning your certification.

Our Results

Total savings our teacher candidates have experienced so far.
$ 0
Aspiring teachers currently working on track to earn their degree and teacher certification.
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Percent greater teachers of color compared with Michigan average.
+ 0 %
Expected increased earnings a participant can expect to see if they move from a para to teacher role.
$ 0
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Applications Open

Our application is open now through March 3, 2024.

Program participation takes you through the entire process of obtaining your teacher certificate, from as little as 6 months to as long as 6 years, depending on your starting point.